Adoptable Dogs in Produce

Feb 1, 2016 | Blog Random, Feelings

Just in case you missed the borage of photos on my instagram, last week I made the trip to Napa to do a fun little collaboration with Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch and photographer Emma K. Morris. We did our best to dress up the dogs in produce (some were really not into it, as you can imagine) in an effort to get some fun new photos of them to help them get adopted.

The dog above, Carmen has terminal cancer and is living with a hospice foster for the rest of her days. Her care is funded completely by private donations to Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch.


Adoptable Bachelor: Red Rooster
He cares a lot about vitamin k, hops like a bunny when he’s off leash running around, and is naturally monochromatic. He’s good with other dogs and could learn to live with cats. He is just under 2yrs old, 50lbs, and knows basic commands.


Adoptable Bachelor: Gunner
A head nuzzler with the body of a greek statue, Gunner is a healthy, 65 pound, 5-year-old pittie mix. He loves people and would do best as the only dog in a home. Most importantly, Gunner knows how to sit at a table like a human and watch you drink wine (a trick he learned from managing the tasting room at his foster parent’s winery).


Adoptable Bachelorette: Sally
Sally is a mature 9 yr old very chill lady. She would have worn this hula skirt forever as long as we kept those treats a’comin. he’s very adaptable and can hula her way through almost any situation (i.e. she gets along well wit both cats and dogs).


Adoptable Bachelorette: Merry Ann
This 60lb, house and crate trained 9yr old is looking fab with her bridle coat and radish necklace. She is incredibly sweet and immediately gave us her belly to rub when we met her. She would do best as the only dog in the home or with a well-matched large dog!


Adoptable Dynamic Duo: Rose & Sally
This one is gonna getcha. These two sweet dogs are joined at the hip after suffering years of abuse together. Their ideal home is a “fospice” situation where Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch would provide all food, medicine, and vet care. Sally and Rose just need a calm and quiet home with not a lot of activity or other animals to enjoy the rest of their time together.


Adoptable Bachelor: Malachi
First off, THOSE EARS! This 10-month-old German Shepherd/Doberman puppy needs someone who is willing to give him the exercise and attention he needs. Malachi is housebroken, gets along with other dogs, sleeps all night in his crate, and loves a good car ride.

For info on adopting any of these dogs, or donating to support their hospice care, please visit Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

photos by Emma K Morris
styling/dog wrangling by Alex Healy and Katie Miller
veg costumes by me