Jan 22, 2016 | Body Talk

photograph by ANNETTE NAVARRO photograph by ANNETTE NAVARRO

She’s a rapper, singer, show host and creator of BIG GRRL SMALL WORLD, political activist, and classically trained flautist. She’s bold and outspoken, but if you catch her in a quiet moment you’ll see she’s also incredibly thoughtful and kind. Her new album BIG GRRRL SMALL WORLD features songs like My Skin that tackle race issues, body image, and feminism.

I mean, she got a shoutout from Deepak Chopra on Twitter, and is buddies with Prince. NEED I SAY MORE?????

Q & A with LIZZO

How do you relate to movement in your life? 
Dance, it’s the only way to move.

What’s fun for you? What energizes you?
That’s a good question, I’ve been so tired lately. Food. Food answers both questions. I have so much fun eating and get excited about my next meal before I’m done with my current one.

What’s your style when it comes to physical activity? 
Pretty damn sexy. I can’t help myself. Everything is a booty shake here, a hair toss there.

How do you incorporate movement in your life? How often?
I like to stretch constantly! If I forget to move I’ll be a potato all day.

Has doing this changed how you feel about your body?
Yeah I guess I like it more now that I know what I’m doin with it.

How did you get into doing what you do?
A lot of yelling into microphones and hoping someone would hear & like it!

Is this a solo activity, or part of a wider community? 
I’m a solo artist with a coven of bad bitches. We all work as a community to help each other elevate.

What’s the bigger takeaway for you?
I think it’s about good energy transfers. Got to make sure my soul got proper nourishment that day.

What do you look forward to?
It’s always a cycle of process, product, performance… Right now I’m in the process stage again, can’t wait for the product!

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago regarding your body?
OMG. Kale. Water. Coconut oil. Please. No pop. And hot Cheetos will be your biggest regret, honey.

Watch Lizzo’s video for her new song MY SKIN which she describes as
“a summoning of bodies: all shapes, sizes and shades to unite in their pride, and wear their skin like the gift it is.”