Mar 14, 2016 | Feelings


People have been asking me to sell #froobs t-shirts for a couple years now, and I finally made it happen with the help of my good friend and illustrator Donna Suh. We went back and forth on design ideas for months, and finally landed on these guys. My designer Leo Basica (who just upgraded me to this big-girl website btw) helped make it into a reality (and even added in a RVNG shirt in for good measure!)



I started doing the #froobs thing on my instagram a few years ago as a funny little way to incorporate some fruit into a photo. But then I started doing some lopsided fruit. Some extra big, some extra small, some bruised and not-so-pretty ones. And then I started using the hashtag #allfroobsarebeautiful. I got such great comments and responses from women in a “yep I feel you girl” kind of way. Look, I’m not saying it was some big impactful movement, but it a nice little way of poking fun at the body insecurities that many of us deal with every day.


While the froobs thing is obviously lighthearted and silly, the way people feel about their bodies is very serious subject matter for me. I have been insatiable in reading and researching about the psychology and eating disorders since I was a teenager, obviously dealing with my own insecurities, but also listening and watching so many girls around me feeling tormented by their relationships with their own bodies. Obviously there’s no quick fix – this is a multi-layered issue that’s deeply ingrained into our culture. I just want to whatever I possibly can to help create a new era of strong and healthy brains and bodies.

With that in mind, all the proceeds from the sales of the three froobs shirts will go to Movemeant Foundation, a non-profit that empowers young women to feel confident in their bodies, using movement as a platform for building self-worth and a positive body image.

EDIT/UPDATE: A lot of the shirts are sold out, but if you can head to the shop and add yourself on to the waitlist for each shirt you’d like. You’ll get an email when they’re back in stock!